Driving Social Impact

At Colgate-Palmolive (India), sustainable and inclusive growth takes precedence, with a focus on employee well-being, safety, and development. We acknowledge that every employee’s distinctive abilities are vital to our continued growth, making our workforce both the foundation of our strategy and a critical distinguishing factor.

Our goal is to foster an environment that empowers our employees to achieve their aspirations and reach their full potential. We leverage our collective reserves of knowledge, skills, competency, technical expertise, experience and innovative culture to drive organizational objectives and optimize stakeholder value. A key focus area for us is on engaging, committing and aligning our workforce with CPIL’s fundamental values and vision. Together, our people drive our innovation, creativity, and passion for delivering exceptional products to our customers.

Our people are our greatest assets, and we strive to strengthen our engagement with them to build a resilient, innovative, and future-fit workforce. We nurture a work culture that encourages creativity and employeedriven innovation, advancing the Company’s purpose of ‘reimagining a better future for the people and the planet.’ Through our inclusive human resource policies and practices, we make conscious efforts to maintain a safe and supportive work environment for our employees and the extended workforce.

We inspire trust by promoting authentic conversations and treating our people with fairness, dignity and respect. We also aim to provide our people with fair and competitive remuneration, meaningful benefits, learning and career growth opportunities, as well as flexible work policies, so as to attract, engage and retain the best people.

Our people are our greatest assets, and we strive to strengthen our engagement with them to build a resilient, innovative, and future-fit workforce.

UN SDGs in focus

Investing in Talent Development

To meet the expectations of our stakeholders and promote innovation, we recognize the importance of bringing out the best from our top talent. Our talent management practices prioritize impact on the job and are built around our culture of integrity, curiosity, courage, and inclusiveness.

Our goal for talent development Is to foster a learning culture, supported by a technology ecosystem, where Colgate People have a growth mindset, have access to, and feel inspired to continuously learn new skills, thereby realizing their full potential, their personal ambitions resulting in sustainable personal & professional growth, as well as business growth for Colgate today & tomorrow.

Our learning strategy is focused on creating a continuous learning environment, upskilling our team, utilizing digital tools, and measuring results using data analysis. To continually develop and enhance their skills, we provide employees with opportunities for effective learning and development through programs like “Leadership Experiences & Advancement Program” (LEAP) which is focused on building transformative capability through layered experiences.

We launched ‘Evolve’ which is an internal talent marketplace. It provides employees an opportunity to opt for on the job experiences in the form of projects to build new age skills. In the process, it also enhances talent readiness for possible future roles. Using digital tools & technology has been central to our talent development efforts. In line with this, we offer personalized skill building opportunities through our AI-enabled portal, 'MindSpark,' which co-opts e-learning and multi disciplinary modules.

We also provide financial assistance to our employees through our 'Self Development Policy' to support their self-development and upskilling through external educational courses.

Snapshot of few learning programs

Gurukul Analytics Academy

Digital program that aims to upskill managers on Data Analytics training and develop internal coaches who can help others build digital skills

Gurukul Rise

A self-paced learning, assessment and capability building intervention along with real time action learning projects which is available to employees to upskill themselves for future roles

Data Literacy & Analytics Academy

Equips cross-functional team members and practitioners with AI courses, awareness sessions and learning activities to increase proficiency in data analytics for better decision-making

Digital Bootcamp - Digital IQ

Focuses on augmenting employee skills needed for digital transformation. It consists of a development tool, Digital: IQ Assessment, which evaluates the existing employee’s digital skills and suggests training modules based on identified strengths and opportunities

Better up Coaching

Our parent company globally undertakes coaching sessions through its partner BetterUp, to provide Colgate leaders with personalized leadership training to accelerate their individual effectiveness and development. The participants experience high-quality coaching and, in many cases, become champions of coaching within Colgate-Palmolive (India)

Potential Development Centre (PDC)

When our Customer Development Officers (CDOs) are ready for the next level, talent assessment for the next role is carried out through a 2-day ‘Potential Development Centre (PDC)’ to select talent for Area Manager roles

We undertake regular career development reviews and evaluations to monitor the performance of our employees. This exercise aids their personal development and further enhances employee satisfaction and improves organizational performance. We regularly invest in skill management and development of human capital to foster innovation. 100% of our employees have the opportunity to undergo a regular performance and career development review.

We have associated with a leading counseling partner and Wysa application to provide employee assistance. This can be availed by employees who are close to retirement so that they can get help and tips on how to manage their post-retirement life. We also provide outplacement services to employees on a case-to-case basis as well as retirement benefits to retirees.

Building empowered & agile teams can help to greatly enhance innovation & growth. In our effort to build greater empowerment, we conceptualized and ran empowerment & psychological safety workshops to build leadership capability & commitment. We introduced decision-making matrices for key processes across functions. As a result, we were able to improve and sustain the empowerment index across teams.

Average training hours of employees