Smile Stores

We are humbled by the trust and support of our partners through the journey of evolution in oral care. Our unique ‘Smile Stores’ project resulted in successfully optimizing store-level assortment in our indirect channels by the use of bespoke data-driven analytics.

We use predictive analytics to recommend and fulfil the demand for the right variety of products in right set of retail stores across the country. We have received encouraging responses with continued double digit growth in total distribution points (TDPs) across our 1.6 Mn stores.


Another leap in digital transformation is our image recognition-based AI/ML tool to drive everyday in-store excellence for elevated shopper experience.

AmaZing (Assisted Merchandising with AI for Zero In-store Gaps) is a revolutionary in-store app which enables us to move away from manual recording to one click photo led actions. The application has led to significant time saving, live tracking of comprehensive in-store parameters & on the go corrective actions - All with one single click!

The widespread adoption with the mammoth scale of stakeholders, and encouraging outcomes is a testimony to the meticulous and proactive planning by our team.

AmaZing Stats

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