We remain committed to prioritise both ‘Valuing People’ and ‘Managing with Respect’ as essential elements of our approach to leadership and organisational culture. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we ensure that we continue to provide a supportive and fulfilling workplace experience.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

We continue to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our awareness programs and training initiatives combat unconscious bias. Our Workplace Inclusivity (WIN) policy supports new and expectant parents, while Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) create safe spaces for employees, promoting positive change.

Fostering Innovation

We are encouraging a culture of innovation that empowers teams to think outside the box. Our ‘Freedom to Innovate’ culture supports employees’ innovative ideas through the Innovation Fund Grant, leading to new products, processes, and technologies.

Safeguarding Human Rights

We continue to implement policies to protect human rights across our value chain. Due diligence process addresses risks in labor standards, non-discrimination and health and safety. Human rights training ensures awareness and governance mechanisms.

Driving Transformation

We are investing in natural resource preservation, upgrading technology, and employee well-being through the F.E.E.D. principles.

Our empowered and agile teams aided by workshops and programs are fostering psychological safety and growth of our team.

FFocused on strategic priorities

EEmpowered and accountable teams

EExperimental to accelerate innovation and learning

DDigitally connected and data-driven