Fostering a Culture of Care

Promoting holistic well-being

At Colgate-Palmolive (India), we’ve always maintained holistic wellness as a top priority because we believe that happier and healthier employees bring their best and most productive selves to work. By investing in our employees’ well-being, we are investing in the long-term success of our company. Our ‘Colgate Cares’ ideology comprises people-focused benefits covering financial, physical & mental well being as well as promoting work-life integration.

Financial Well-Being

Our comprehensive rewards package includes competitive pay, health and savings benefits, and time-off programs. Our Remuneration Policy aims to attract and retain high potential talent by rewarding performance. We have an incentive compensation plan that links variable pay to diverse individual & Company level performance parameters, including operating and strategic KPIs.

The leadership team and senior executives receive fixed pay, variable pay, and equity. The value of the stock grant is based on individual performance49. For employees not covered under collective bargaining agreements, compensation revision happens annually and is based on various factors, including a benchmarking of the external market. Currently, 29% of the permanent workers are covered under associations and unions.

Physical Well-Being

We value the efforts of our people and focus on taking care of them at all life stages. Through their employment with us, team members have access to annual health check - ups, hospitalization insurance for self & family, life insurance & accident insurance cover for self. Our comprehensive retirement benefits provide support to all employees even after they transition towards a post retired life.

Enhanced focus on mental well-being

For many years now, we have been associated with a leading counseling services partner to provide our employees and their families with 24/7 counseling access in multiple languages. Additionally, last year we offered our employees access to an artificial intelligence based mental wellness app where they can sign up to get practical tips on managing their day to day stresses, and also at times to feel lighter by simply sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Financial Well-Being

  • Fair and competitive remuneration
  • Education assistance
  • Transportation / Commute support
  • Retirement benefits
  • Performance based bonus
  • Loans and subsidies

Health & Well-Being

  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Health check-ups
  • Doctor consultation
  • Seasonal flu vaccine
  • Employee assistance program
  • Tech-enabled counseling support

Promoting work life integration

To ensure better work life integration , we launched a hybrid working policy called ‘Blend In’ which provides employees the flexibility to choose 2 days in a week where they would want to work from home. Based on a recent survey done internally, most employees as well as managers agreed that the policy helped impact employee motivation and productivity positively.

A hybrid working policy called ‘Blend In’ provides employees the flexibility to work from home 2 days a week.

Work-life Balance

  • Primary & Secondary Caregiver Leaves
  • Care & Compassion Leave
  • Flexi Festive Leave
  • Give Back Leave - Volunteering
  • Personal Milestone Leave
  • Policy – BlendIn
  • Creche/day care