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Our values

We are Colgate-Palmolive, a caring, innovative growth company that’s reimagining a healthier future for all people and our planet. Our three fundamental values—Caring, Teamwork and Continuous Improvement—are a part of everything we do. These values are reflected not only in the quality of our products and the reputation of our Company but also in our dedication to serving the communities.


Your Company has always cared about people: Colgate people, customers, consumers, shareholders and business partners. Your Company is committed to act with compassion, integrity, honesty and the highest ethical standards in all situations, to listen with respect to others and to value differences. The Company is also committed to protect the global environment, to enhance the communities where Colgate people live and work, and to comply with all laws and regulations.
All Colgate people are part of a global team, committed to working together across countries and throughout the world. Only by sharing ideas, technologies and talents can the Company achieve and sustain profitable growth.
Continuous improvement
Colgate is committed to getting better every day in everything it does, as individuals and as teams. Our Company will be successful by better understanding consumers’ and customers’ expectations and continuously working to innovate and improve products, services and processes.