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Colgate urges consumers to take a strategic time out for their smiles this IPL season

~Celebrate IPL wins with the Indian Sweets League, championing oral health awareness with cricket icons Suresh Raina and Zaheer Khan~

As millions of us are glued to the all new season of Indian Premier League (IPL), Colgate-Palmolive India's campaign "Indian Sweets League" works as a clever reminder to do something we often miss after the celebrations; brushing our teeth at night. Indian Sweets League is a unique collaboration with JioCinema & Indian Premier League (IPL) as part of Colgate's #BrushTonight initiative aimed at raising awareness about oral health.

We have all had that moment, hooked to our TV screens munching on food, as the stadium roars in anticipation. The last ball is bowled, deciding the fate of the match. We jump with joy and are ready to celebrate the win with a yum dessert.

With cricket legends Suresh Raina and Zaheer Khan leading the charge, "Indian Sweets League" takes forward the narrative of encouraging consumers to adhere to the crucial practice of brushing teeth before bedtime after indulging in sweet delights.

The campaign promises to deliver a mix of fun banter, match predictions, and a focus on night time brushing. The campaign encourages viewers to take a 'strategic timeout' every night to brush their teeth, thus ensuring a winning smile.

Gunjit Jain, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive India, said, "The last thing that millions of Indians put on their teeth is sugar, not toothpaste. This behavior gets heightened during the IPL season as Indians watch with rapt attention while munching on snacks, and ending it with a sweet celebration as their team wins the match. Our new campaign reminds IPL-loving Indians to enjoy cricket, but also protect themselves from cavities by taking a strategic time-out to brush their teeth at night."

Shekhar Banerjee- Chief Client Officer & Office Head, West, North & East Wavemaker India, GroupM said: "Our task is to drive behaviour change at scale and this idea with IPL on JioCinema had the power to influence close to 50% of urban India every night. With contextual messaging for every match we have created the perfect mix of right time and right message that reminds every fan to brush at night."

Each IPL match night will see a new edition of the "Indian Sweets League", adding an extra layer of excitement to the cricket viewing experience. So, as you cheer for your team's victories, do not forget to #BrushTonight.

You can catch Colgate's "Indian Sweets League" every night during the IPL matches on JioCinema. Join in the fun, enjoy the matches, savour your favourite sweets, and remember to always end your day on a high note with a winning oral care routine.

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